Wednesday, March 28, 2012


A touch upon a layer of truth
A splash upon another layer of discovery
A teardrop upon another layer of epiphany

Panoramas of all the moments
That had made me stupid
Given me strength, wisdom.

I kneel down.
My fingers dare sense
The surface of the delicate layers;
The layers started and end
Within myself.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Subjective Bedrocks

A love that consists
A whole foundation of a life
That continues to resist
The mistrust and a knife.

A religion that roots deep
Beneath the establishment of humanity
That carries out to keep
The worship of the Christianity.

Time reveals various sides.
A golden necklace in his pocket
That a girl never received.
A kiss of broken words
That promised everything but to cleave.
His eyes that follow another girl’s back
The girl now believes.

Da Vinci Code discovers another truth.
A bible may or may not have
Been written by one man,
A Jesus may or may not have
Been married to Maria Magdalene,
The sangreal may or may not have
Been a symbol of a female.

Absence may make the heart grow fonder
But what is out of sight may be out of mind.
A child could choose
To thank the Santa or the parents.

We shall never know
The truest version of these stories.

All I can do is choose
A truer version for myself.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

An Axis of Rotation

As a second passes by
A molecule of a river is replaced.
As a day goes by
A number on a calendar changes.
As a season goes by
A different breeze goes through my sleeves.
As a year goes on
I change by an age.

I should have realized
You also change
By a second, a day, a season, a year.

They say time changes it all
But really it is the people living in it that change.
The time is not to blame.

Remember the days I was worrying
How time may challenge where our hearts shall bent
You were too confident to tell me
If there is a will there is a way.
You sounded too assured –
Yes, too secure.

The deep night sky spreads in front of me
But again, every second,
I’m seeing a different sky, another constellation.
Irresistibly, I simply stare.

A silent prayer wades through the night
Hoping to be a firm axis of rotation
That shall pin down on the earth with its graceful weight.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Morning Of The Winter Version

The storekeeper arrives.

In this silence of warm crystal morning
A key unlocks a store door
Struggling through everything absolutely frozen
With only a small sound of cling.

When the door is flung opened
There’s a sound of the bells.
That is how the awe of last night
Is shattered into pieces of light.

And then I see another world of
What was tomorrow of yesterday.

The unmoving air
Make trees stay even darker.
Birds constantly sing,
But without flapping their wings.

In this vacuumed atmosphere
The sun rays penetrate through every sound molecule
And glorify the gleam to the new extremes.

And then I stay silent;
I do not wish to shatter further
The already cracked moment.

With a blow of a breath
I could make a butterfly fly.
I let the touch of my finger tip
Wake the dormant leaf.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another Night

The night bears the silence
The night outshines the city lights.

The lyric flows
The past sinks deep into my heart
The past self has turned out to be false.

People party at night
I sense silence out of the bundle of noise.
Among the infinite space of silence
I try to look for a torch
And then a wall to touch.

When there is a touch of liquid on my hands
I was never quite sure what it was.
Could it be tears?
Tears from myself?
Or tears from the above?

The night always raises questions.
The night is always colder.

When I found a torch
I expected something warm.
Instead, I am lowered by the coldest truth.
A wall was only at the end of it.
I did manage to touch it.

Tonight is another night after another.
Tomorrow will be another night after this night.

The night gradually swallows up everything,
But the whiteness of snow.
Snow falls upon me,
I fall
Into another night.