Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I respect very greatly
Of what you have for yourself.
Your high ego and pride,
I am sure they deserve so much.

Take a look at an actual Mona Lisa,
I’ve heard its fame to be quite big
But its frame turned out to be too small.

Take a walk to MOMA,
My favorite piece there is L.H.O.O.Q.
It proves the small frame to be even smaller.
A mustache and five letters were all it took.

The great inner thing you keep
I know they serve for grave purposes.
The frames you’ve built
To define your world, your thoughts, your principles
They were shocking enough to chase me away
And the distance grow great between you and me
But I know they are really
Just some stubborn lines that stand
To mark your ridiculous boundaries.

What would take to make you realize
That it only took a mustache and five letters
For the great Mona Lisa to all of a sudden go horny.

The famous smile in the small picture –
Experts add all kinds of adjectives to describe it.
At least Mona Lisa smiles for the sake of Renaissance.

You, who don’t even represent anything for this century,
Your pride stays firm for the sake of nothing –
Perhaps for a lonely end.