About Me

Self introduction ! :D

How did I get interested in POETRY :

I started reading ChickenSoup For the Teenage Soul when I was eleven and then continued reading the whole series until I was around fourteen. Teenagers around the world expressed themselves through words and shared their feelings with the rest of the world. It looked so cool!
So I thought, why not write one myself? Then, I started reading and writing poems and also began to keep my own diaries which I've been keeping until this day.

What does poetry mean to me :

Have you all watched "Dead Poets' Society" ? To quote what Mr.Keating said in the movie/ book (which is actually a quote from one of Whitman's piece) "That you are here—that life exists and identity, /That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse." I would like to define myself through poems and that is what poetry means to me.

Personal Info. :
high school : KMLA (Korean Minjok Leadership Aacademy)
facebook ID : Celine JeongHyeon Moon (friend me, always welcome!)
favorite drama : Gossip Girl
etc. : i love manhattan and cello !