Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another Night

The night bears the silence
The night outshines the city lights.

The lyric flows
The past sinks deep into my heart
The past self has turned out to be false.

People party at night
I sense silence out of the bundle of noise.
Among the infinite space of silence
I try to look for a torch
And then a wall to touch.

When there is a touch of liquid on my hands
I was never quite sure what it was.
Could it be tears?
Tears from myself?
Or tears from the above?

The night always raises questions.
The night is always colder.

When I found a torch
I expected something warm.
Instead, I am lowered by the coldest truth.
A wall was only at the end of it.
I did manage to touch it.

Tonight is another night after another.
Tomorrow will be another night after this night.

The night gradually swallows up everything,
But the whiteness of snow.
Snow falls upon me,
I fall
Into another night.


  1. you think too much :)
    and pleas don't hate me for saying this lol

  2. Poems are supposed to be for "thinking too much." If Celine talks like this all the time, then you might have a point (to the guy two spaces above).

    I like it. The image I see (despite the snow) is a girl walking on a beach alone at night. A beach party in the distance echoes, as she walks hesitatingly towards it. "People part at night." But will she join it?

  3. I think the poem is too sentimental, but I quite enjoyed it:)