Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Subjective Bedrocks

A love that consists
A whole foundation of a life
That continues to resist
The mistrust and a knife.

A religion that roots deep
Beneath the establishment of humanity
That carries out to keep
The worship of the Christianity.

Time reveals various sides.
A golden necklace in his pocket
That a girl never received.
A kiss of broken words
That promised everything but to cleave.
His eyes that follow another girl’s back
The girl now believes.

Da Vinci Code discovers another truth.
A bible may or may not have
Been written by one man,
A Jesus may or may not have
Been married to Maria Magdalene,
The sangreal may or may not have
Been a symbol of a female.

Absence may make the heart grow fonder
But what is out of sight may be out of mind.
A child could choose
To thank the Santa or the parents.

We shall never know
The truest version of these stories.

All I can do is choose
A truer version for myself.


  1. i think it's cool that you could think of such concepts from the novel the Da Vinci Code :)

  2. The title actually drags me a lot. Sometimes awkward combination makes esoteric sensation

  3. Awesome just awesome

  4. Dong heui jin
    정현아 19살 맞아??