Wednesday, March 28, 2012


A touch upon a layer of truth
A splash upon another layer of discovery
A teardrop upon another layer of epiphany

Panoramas of all the moments
That had made me stupid
Given me strength, wisdom.

I kneel down.
My fingers dare sense
The surface of the delicate layers;
The layers started and end
Within myself.


  1. yup i totally agree with the second stanza. Napoleon Hill always emphasized that failure is not an adversity but a virtue for human from which we can learn valuable lessons.

  2. Many times it feels that all of us both consciously and unconsciously cover up ourselves in countless layers in self-defense or pretense. We love to put on a certain image and fake courage or an admirable personality. But after few trials we come to realize our real selves that had stayed inside us forever and are not susceptible to change. Defining ourselves can sometimes be so hard. I so agree with you on this - of course IF that's what you intended to convey. Good work.

  3. no one is able to mature at once.. i think these are words that can essentially describe everyone. everyday we add to our collection of inner layers, until the day we die.. learning never stops, which in fact is one of the good things of life