Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mother, Mother

Mother, mother
I am in this world and you see me.
Mother, mother
I wonder when my heart beats
Does the world care about it.
Mother, mother
I have tried making friends, making lovers,
Making out, making for my living.
All I got back from my makings
Was that nothing was as warm as you.
Mother, mother
I cry to you tonight
Because all I ever – all I ever really – gave you
Was nothing but complaints,
Nothing but sorrows.
Mother, mother
I cry to myself tonight
Because all I ever – all I ever really – tried
Was nothing but going against your words,
Nothing but crying out for the wrong loves.
Mother, mother
I have finally seen
The bitter that you never let me taste.
All you ever wanted me to know
Was what was sweet, what was best.
All I ever tried to give you
Was what was hurtful, what was worriful.
One thing I made for you, the sac,
Could never pay back for your creations
I know, I know.
Nevertheless, you would still give me
My life, my well being, my wealth, my senses.
Mother, mother
I would like to give you a hug
If it is not too belated to do so.
Mother, mother
I would like to take the sac back
Because I know it’s been all too onerous for you.


  1. I have a mother too.

    gooooooooood luck

  2. Did u show this to your mother yet?

  3. Nope I have not shown this to my mom yet.
    I plan to write a better one for the mother's day or her birthday :)

  4. I think we can all relate to this =)

    Can I post your poems on my Facebook?

  5. This was very moving to me :)