Sunday, August 14, 2011

Universe, rose, and diamond

Rose shines in the blue
Diamond shines in the blur
After a taste of sour and sweet
More than this more than that
No more waging, please no more waging.
Because you would appreciate a rose
Simply by it's red,
More among the blue
And you would fall for a diamond
Simply for it's clarity,
More among the blur.
Care more care less care equally
Stop that measuring, please stop that measuring.
What we have is what we have
When it vanishes among the calculated measures
That is it, we wouldn't even
Have any more of it left
To even sense or notice.
Let it flow, please let it flow
For the rose would be red and diamond clear
Even in the blue and even in the blur.


  1. hi celine! thanks for sharing this with me. i will check from time to time whenever i'm in the mood for some good poetry :)

    i like this one a lot. the others are a little too sad (or perhaps reflective) for my taste, but this one encourages us to just appreciate things for the way they are...or at least that's how i understood it :)

    good luck!


  2. Hi Paul!

    Yes you got my intentions right hehe
    Thank you for visiting :)
    I'll keep the site updated!

  3. Came into see if there were any new poems.... which there doesn't seem to be any yet! :) haha I'll check again later. ttyl.