Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Cry Now

My simplest thought of being a human
Was utterly destroyed
When the leaves went deep down the road,
And when the city finally went quiet and dark.
The city lights at night reminded me
Of all the humane achievements I had attained.
Blinking at the spotlight of attentions,
My glory was shinning
As if it cared about humanity.
Those are only left in my blank eyes
Now to remind me of the contradictions within myself.
I remembered my happy self
When I was crying for diapers and foods.
All I can hear now
Is my silent cry for a human being.


  1. silent cry for a human being... there comes the true empathy for other human being as the companion of our human lives, who just face the death at the end of their own lives... the civilization of empathy that Jeremy Rifkin said in his famous TED talk is all about it